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what is dental help and who can use it

Dental help Medicaid in our state and also became sort of like the centerpiece of the fact that health care is necessary for everyone regardless of your background and a regardless of your income and.

Dental help

that everybody should have access to the full range of health care that they really need next slide so as we were talking after the election as we were talking with our our advocates who are part of our equal justice partner

circle many of whom are in this picture we in the fall following the election we started talking about leaks so what can we do with a better governor to really what’s the next step for health care what is it that you all feel need

and we also had an electronic survey that we sent out to people in our network and we also have a lot of information from our own direct contact with people on the phones to know that dental care was really like the thing

a lot of people were were begging for next slide and so we decided to have to put in a bill that was turned out to be LD that would create a comprehensive dental benefit in our main care program that’s diagnostic

preventive restorative care including full and partial dentures these were all things that we heard and we weren’t willing to settle for laughs like we really feel is important that it be comprehensive and we sort of have

nicknamed this our make me smile campaign and have used that as a hashtag a lot during this effort next slide and our sponsor that we recruited

to help us as someone who’s been this is actually when he representative drew katene from Westbrook Maine he received an award from us a few

years ago he’s been a real champion for people in poverty for a long time and he is our house chair of the Appropriations

Truth of dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period coverage and medicare for all and oral health that will be releasing out for August recess you can talk to your policymakers .

At that time in the Medicaid space you have another set of wonderful national partners you’re

welcome to reach out to us the total federal health project community callous injustice and aging also work on these issues and these other resources I’ve mentioned include story collection universal coverage

options letter and there is the Medicaid adult dental benefit learning collaborative which is existing and we encourage you to join if you’re interested so thank you for that Melissa we have the resources listed here

that will be included in the in the material that we’ll be sending out again I will remind people to if you have questions to type your questions in the chat box we’ll be getting to some of those questions later on as part of the

webinar but at this point I’m going to turn things over to Amber with justice and aging to talk about adding a dental benefit in Medicare and the various

ways that people are approaching that so amber take it away thanks so much so my name is Amber Cris I am the directing health team attorney

here at justice and aging and my pronouns are she her and hers and I’m going to drill down a little bit on adding the dental benefit to Medicare that

Melissa touched on so next slide I always like to start off a little bit about Medicare basics I think a lot of us are really seeped and Medicaid but not as

much in Medicare so Medicare is a federal program it is available to individuals who are and over who have a sufficient amount of work history

and then individuals who are younger who are under who have had a disability for two years the

How to get ever Tooth pain

Tooth pain coming yeah sorry Iknow subscribers original grab you aquestion about um chips burger is asolution for that guythank you for the request I was lookingit up for

a guy over s and if you aregood in shape and healthy you would payabout $ a month for a full inpatientcoverage with a cover of . milliondollars the

year in Thailand  millionThai Baht . million dollar exactlythat’s goodmy personal insurance can you actuallybreak or what’s the custom insurance

isapproximately for a private familypolicy say assume she sang entire policyas your policy with a husband in thefifties wife in the s with two kids

atten years old age wife and kids yes Ijust looked at Davos for you mr. markMcCormack you will be about at , for$ a year to have a complete

coveragefor your family coverage $, perperson so you will be at $ monthly so treetwo hundred eighty five per month forfive hundred dollar coverage

and$, yearly coverage for everythingwhat is full impatient yeah sure welcomeso if no matter what what question youhave yours welcome to just

write me orcall me I’m always open for everyquestion you have and every need youneed and where I can help you it’salways I always have a solution

ThankYou Sonic enjoy all right thank you whoathanks buddy sake you say huh bye-byeyouthis time I’d like to call this record ascheduled meeting of a Herman CityCommission to order and ask

What You Should Have Asked Your Teachers About renaissance dental

Selling water renaissance dental bottles a buck apiece I ended up making a hundred and thirty-five dollars profit that day so with a lot less time only four hours invested I was able to make more.

renaissance dental

Money and defeat her in the challenge that has really just helped me lens exactly what I’m doing with the afford anything message you don’t ask and don’t tell yourself that I can’t afford that rather just say how can I afford

That because for all of her efforts and I’m not knocking people that are into coupon clipping or more successful than I was at it but by my calculation

She only made ten dollars and eighty three cents for each hour invested whereas I made thirty for an hour so they afford anything mentality I can just project into every other endeavor that I do and I hope you guys have

The same success with whatever endeavors you’re trying to do and set houseless here coming up with Paula thanks for the awesome messaging keep.

The good message coming and keep the fire burning I love that thank you so much mr. refined by fire and congratulations on everything you’re doing your life is progressing in such incredible.

Ways and you’re not thinking small you’re not pinching pennies or overly coupling you’re seeing opportunities you’re seeing how you can go big start

A business not give twenty years to corporate America that’s what it’s all about so congratulations for being on this incredible track that you are on

We have one more success story that we would like to share and this one comes from a member of our community who is percent towards fi here’s a story hi.

What Is ameritas dental?

ameritas dental dollars in the first two years and then after that game over they were ameritas dental wiped out the system changed its algorithms Google updated its algorithms the mascot pulled away and everybody realized.

the emperor has no clothes they were so focused on making short-term money on reaching for that low-hanging fruit that they never actually invested the time into developing

a true following and developing a true community and as a result by year three they dropped off the map year four at best whereas those of us who have made this

a long-term sustainable play you know we had really rough early years but go and listen to episode the title of the episode is this is the toughest episode I’ve ever recorded and in that episode I’m kind of too embarrassed to really listen to it myself

now because it was raw and it was emotional and several people emailed me and said that they felt uncomfortable listening to that episode that’s why

I can’t bring myself to listen to it again because I don’t like disappointing my audience like that and when I get that kind of feedback it it hurts but it was real and in that episode what I talked about was the struggle that I had with

How much money I have turned away how many opportunities I had said no to in order to build this brand and when you do that when you make sacrifice after

Sacrifice and then you finally do start monetizing even just a little bit and people criticize you for it it really stings even now I get iTunes reviews from people who say oh there are too many ads on the show and I’m like to know that I’ve

USA People has To Know About Humana Dental

What is Humana Dental insurance?

Before we do the walk up Humana dental insurance I do it here it’s easier for me it’s easier to do it here and change my provider here okay yep because you know and depending on.

The office layout and the way things are done I like doing it in this screen because I have a little bit more control in the chart screen it just it’s a little bit more clunky because .

I’ve got to edit I’ve got to go here you know there’s a bunch of different things that I have to do where in the account screen it’s a lot easier and

What we used to do is during the handoff because that was an issue we had multiple doctors x Genest the handoff was and doctor hatch did the exam or dr. Gupta did the exam so.

That way we can check it as we were receiving the handoff to make sure the right doctor assigned to the exam that great and that’s why that hand off is is sacrosanct.

I mean it’s critical that they’re doing that and that they come up with a process of hand out that is so clear that there’s no questions exactly so for any offices listening .

This if you’re having issues with the hand offs the data that you need to know to not have to go back and clean things up at the end of the day is the data.

That should be done in the hand off so should almost be a check sheet that you’re these are the things I need to know and then the front office team needs to be paying attention for .

Those and if they don’t get it to ask the question of what they need yeah and one of the things that really works well and this is something I was working with .

A big office recently about is in your schedule you guys you need to be utilizing a really simple tool and I’m gonna go to March six I know patients in that day so if you look at my day I’m looking at procedures now and I can tell

What procedures are coming in based on the colors now there’s an AP button up here so I go from the appointment types to the providers who are doing those .

Appointments and if I hit that button based on the way my schedule set up this doctor over here is this blue color so I can tell there’s a patient coming in right here who’s scheduled with this doctor but he’s done .


Eagles off field guide if you’re on Dental terms Facebook just doing a search Eagles off field guide you’ll find it or go to my personal website which is the crew process calm .

the top there’s an events page go in there you’ll find all the details early bird pricing ends May st so those people who want to get a little discount on their tickets come on and

We’ll probably be booking out this entire hotel seems like everybody’s already booking the hotel in noir Brook Illinois awesome great we’ll definitely be.,

There and for those there’s definitely a need so Andreea is our Egosoft go to if you don’t know me I’m Laura I’m from front office rocks and I found it and started for an,

Office rocks which is an online training website to train dental front office teams and just recently in March we launched back office rocks and back office rocks is for.

The clinical team so dental assistants hygienists doctors and we have team training so the idea is to be rock stars in the front back and one of the focuses.

We’re going to talk about today as honestly we’re going into the clinical side and we’ve had other videos about clinical but Andre knows how important just like I do it is for us to work together in.

The connection and trying to make that wonderful software called eagle soft work for us so for those of us who are here live there’s a chat function over on.

the right hand side so find the chat I’m gonna be monitoring the chat we’re gonna turn over the screen share to Andre you guys have already seen our pictures so

we’re gonna get rid of our video have Andre take over the screen share and then please send questions along the way and at this point Andre I will let you screen share and start your

fun sound good so loosest let’s do this let me switch to that so you can see my operatory law everything looks good yup and if you want to stop your video that’ll make the operatory look bigger for everybody I think others stop