Truth of dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period coverage and medicare for all and oral health that will be releasing out for August recess you can talk to your policymakers .

At that time in the Medicaid space you have another set of wonderful national partners you’re

welcome to reach out to us the total federal health project community callous injustice and aging also work on these issues and these other resources I’ve mentioned include story collection universal coverage

options letter and there is the Medicaid adult dental benefit learning collaborative which is existing and we encourage you to join if you’re interested so thank you for that Melissa we have the resources listed here

that will be included in the in the material that we’ll be sending out again I will remind people to if you have questions to type your questions in the chat box we’ll be getting to some of those questions later on as part of the

webinar but at this point I’m going to turn things over to Amber with justice and aging to talk about adding a dental benefit in Medicare and the various

ways that people are approaching that so amber take it away thanks so much so my name is Amber Cris I am the directing health team attorney

here at justice and aging and my pronouns are she her and hers and I’m going to drill down a little bit on adding the dental benefit to Medicare that

Melissa touched on so next slide I always like to start off a little bit about Medicare basics I think a lot of us are really seeped and Medicaid but not as

much in Medicare so Medicare is a federal program it is available to individuals who are and over who have a sufficient amount of work history

and then individuals who are younger who are under who have had a disability for two years the