USA People has To Know About Humana Dental

What is Humana Dental insurance?

Before we do the walk up Humana dental insurance I do it here it’s easier for me it’s easier to do it here and change my provider here okay yep because you know and depending on.

The office layout and the way things are done I like doing it in this screen because I have a little bit more control in the chart screen it just it’s a little bit more clunky because .

I’ve got to edit I’ve got to go here you know there’s a bunch of different things that I have to do where in the account screen it’s a lot easier and

What we used to do is during the handoff because that was an issue we had multiple doctors x Genest the handoff was and doctor hatch did the exam or dr. Gupta did the exam so.

That way we can check it as we were receiving the handoff to make sure the right doctor assigned to the exam that great and that’s why that hand off is is sacrosanct.

I mean it’s critical that they’re doing that and that they come up with a process of hand out that is so clear that there’s no questions exactly so for any offices listening .

This if you’re having issues with the hand offs the data that you need to know to not have to go back and clean things up at the end of the day is the data.

That should be done in the hand off so should almost be a check sheet that you’re these are the things I need to know and then the front office team needs to be paying attention for .

Those and if they don’t get it to ask the question of what they need yeah and one of the things that really works well and this is something I was working with .

A big office recently about is in your schedule you guys you need to be utilizing a really simple tool and I’m gonna go to March six I know patients in that day so if you look at my day I’m looking at procedures now and I can tell

What procedures are coming in based on the colors now there’s an AP button up here so I go from the appointment types to the providers who are doing those .

Appointments and if I hit that button based on the way my schedule set up this doctor over here is this blue color so I can tell there’s a patient coming in right here who’s scheduled with this doctor but he’s done .