Eagles off field guide if you’re on Dental terms Facebook just doing a search Eagles off field guide you’ll find it or go to my personal website which is the crew process calm .

the top there’s an events page go in there you’ll find all the details early bird pricing ends May st so those people who want to get a little discount on their tickets come on and

We’ll probably be booking out this entire hotel seems like everybody’s already booking the hotel in noir Brook Illinois awesome great we’ll definitely be.,

There and for those there’s definitely a need so Andreea is our Egosoft go to if you don’t know me I’m Laura I’m from front office rocks and I found it and started for an,

Office rocks which is an online training website to train dental front office teams and just recently in March we launched back office rocks and back office rocks is for.

The clinical team so dental assistants hygienists doctors and we have team training so the idea is to be rock stars in the front back and one of the focuses.

We’re going to talk about today as honestly we’re going into the clinical side and we’ve had other videos about clinical but Andre knows how important just like I do it is for us to work together in.

The connection and trying to make that wonderful software called eagle soft work for us so for those of us who are here live there’s a chat function over on.

the right hand side so find the chat I’m gonna be monitoring the chat we’re gonna turn over the screen share to Andre you guys have already seen our pictures so

we’re gonna get rid of our video have Andre take over the screen share and then please send questions along the way and at this point Andre I will let you screen share and start your

fun sound good so loosest let’s do this let me switch to that so you can see my operatory law everything looks good yup and if you want to stop your video that’ll make the operatory look bigger for everybody I think others stop