What Is ameritas dental?

ameritas dental dollars in the first two years and then after that game over they were ameritas dental wiped out the system changed its algorithms Google updated its algorithms the mascot pulled away and everybody realized.

the emperor has no clothes they were so focused on making short-term money on reaching for that low-hanging fruit that they never actually invested the time into developing

a true following and developing a true community and as a result by year three they dropped off the map year four at best whereas those of us who have made this

a long-term sustainable play you know we had really rough early years but go and listen to episode the title of the episode is this is the toughest episode I’ve ever recorded and in that episode I’m kind of too embarrassed to really listen to it myself

now because it was raw and it was emotional and several people emailed me and said that they felt uncomfortable listening to that episode that’s why

I can’t bring myself to listen to it again because I don’t like disappointing my audience like that and when I get that kind of feedback it it hurts but it was real and in that episode what I talked about was the struggle that I had with

How much money I have turned away how many opportunities I had said no to in order to build this brand and when you do that when you make sacrifice after

Sacrifice and then you finally do start monetizing even just a little bit and people criticize you for it it really stings even now I get iTunes reviews from people who say oh there are too many ads on the show and I’m like to know that I’ve