what is dental help and who can use it

Dental help Medicaid in our state and also became sort of like the centerpiece of the fact that health care is necessary for everyone regardless of your background and a regardless of your income and.

Dental help

that everybody should have access to the full range of health care that they really need next slide so as we were talking after the election as we were talking with our our advocates who are part of our equal justice partner

circle many of whom are in this picture we in the fall following the election we started talking about leaks so what can we do with a better governor to really what’s the next step for health care what is it that you all feel need

and we also had an electronic survey that we sent out to people in our network and we also have a lot of information from our own direct contact with people on the phones to know that dental care was really like the thing

a lot of people were were begging for next slide and so we decided to have to put in a bill that was turned out to be LD that would create a comprehensive dental benefit in our main care program that’s diagnostic

preventive restorative care including full and partial dentures these were all things that we heard and we weren’t willing to settle for laughs like we really feel is important that it be comprehensive and we sort of have

nicknamed this our make me smile campaign and have used that as a hashtag a lot during this effort next slide and our sponsor that we recruited

to help us as someone who’s been this is actually when he representative drew katene from Westbrook Maine he received an award from us a few

years ago he’s been a real champion for people in poverty for a long time and he is our house chair of the Appropriations